Sigdal the Norwegian

Crisp, generous, committed: Norwegian women at the heart of the SIGDAL identity


Dare healthy excess! 

100% natural, with no additives or preservatives, rich in fibre, a source of vegetable protein, essential minerals and vitamins, SIGDAL Norwegian crackers are distinguished by an unrivalled seed content of 46 to 63%.

This incomparable proportion of seeds makes all the difference: with SIGDAL, dare healthy excess!


Heiress and innovator: an authentic Scandinavian woman

Sources of life and strength, women with a strong character, rebellious and committed, wild and ambitious, natural and healthy, we Norwegian women are said to be spry: it means both crazy and crunchy.

That's because we took a traditional Scandinavian recipe and improved it to put in up to three times as much seed.






A recyclable bag 

It's the same with our new bag. Made of recyclable plastic and with no glued label, it corresponds to our values of sustainable development.

Pleasure, balance, planet

Combining, thanks to the roasted seeds, taste pleasure, nutritional balance and ecological benefits for the planet, SIGDAL Norwegian crackers combine crispness and melt-in-the-mouth in recipes that allow for any blend.

From breakfast to the aperitif, SIGDAL can be enjoyed with sweet or savoury or simply plain...

Now that you know all that, all you have to do is open that bag.

Enjoy the tasting!

Press release, September 2020