Topped coconut



Sigdal oatmeal gluten free crackers
1 coconut
1 kiwi
1 dragon fruit




Cut your coconut in half and drain the milk.

Peel the kiwi. Place it in the middle of a plate and cut through the middle with the knife without piercing the flesh. Now cut a zigzag around the incision you just made. This time you need to pierce the flesh of the kiwi. Then separate the two parts of the fruit into two separate flowers.

Cut the dragon fruit in half. Use a sharp knife for a vertical cut. When you open it up, you'll see that its shiny (white or red) flesh resembles that of a kiwi, with tiny black seeds scattered throughout the fruit. Remove the flesh with a spoon. Run the spoon along the edges of the skin and then to the bottom to loosen and retrieve the flesh and dice it.

Top your coconut with kiwi halves, dragon fruit pieces and sprinkle with a gluten-free oat crunch cut into pieces.

With Sigdal, dare healthy excess!