Papaya with garnish



1 papaya
Sigdal Breakfast Crisp
Fresh fruit: raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, blackcurrants, blackberries, mango, banana, lychees ....
Juice of one lime



Buy papaya according to your taste:

  • The Kapoho papaya is small to medium in size, very sweet and has yellow flesh,
  • The Mexican papaya is larger, with orange or red flesh and a sweet or slightly bitter taste
  • The Australian Peterson papaya has a yellow skin with green spots. Its dark orange flesh has a sweet and appetizing taste.
  • The oval-shaped Samba papaya has a yellow-green mottled skin. The pulp is dark orange and has a slightly sweet taste .....


Place the papaya in the refrigerator before preparing it, as it tastes much better when eaten cold.

Cut your papaya in half. Remove and discard the black seeds in the centre of the fruit with a spoon.

Rinse your halves under cold water to remove the last of the seeds and the slightly damaged pulp which could give a bad taste.

Cut up a lemon and squeeze it over your papaya halves. Its acidity will enhance the natural flavour of the papaya.

Wash and cut the fruit you have selected and garnish your papaya halves. Finish by crumbling the Sigdal breakfast crisps.

Arrange on a nice plate and enjoy this vitamin-packed breakfast to start the day!

With Sigdal, dare healthy excess!