Redcurrant Compote with Basil


For 500g of compote :

Sigdal gluten-free oats
1 natural yoghurt
500g gooseberries
150g sugar
juice of half a lemon
Half a bunch of basil


Wash and collect the currants.

Boil them in a pan of hot water until the grains rise to the surface.

Rinse them quickly in cold water and drain.

Cook the sugar and lemon juice in 750ml of water until it boils.

Add the redcurrants and cook for 3 minutes, then leave the mixture to cool.

Scald the basil leaves to blanch them.

Blend them at maximum speed with half the redcurrant compote.

Mix by hand with the rest of the compote to maintain a slightly thick texture.

Spread a layer of plain yoghurt on your cracker, add your compote.

With Sigdal, dare healthy excess!